✰ anthy
06.26.00 (19)

eng / tiếng việt / 中文

♡ 一 music, girls, boba, hotpot, peach tea, fruits, seafood, psychology, social science, singing, stickers, fat cats, boss baby


exo 一 baekhyun
nct 一 mark
nct 一 yuta
wayv 一 lucas
loona 一 heejin
snsd 一 taeyeon
twice 一 nayeon
red velvet 一 joy

aoa 一 seolhyun
apink 一 eunji
april 一 jinsol
dia 一 chaeyeon
elris 一 sohee
f(x) 一 krystal
fromis 9 一 jiwon
gfriend 一 yuju
gugudan 一 sejeong
gwsn 一 seoryoung
itzy 一 chaeryeong
izone 一 chaeyeon
lovelyz 一 kei
wjsn 一 bona

before you follow
一 i will not follow back if you are under 18 or if you don’t have your age displayed somewhere on your acc
一 i will not follow back if your acc contains mostly boy groups that aren’t nct
一 i will soft block if we don’t interact so dnfi you don’t plan on interacting with me
一 i’m honest and blunt but don't take it seriously
一 i mostly talk about nct, girl groups, and my listed likes
一 i retweet a lot